An article appearing in the Journal of Neurotrauma spotlights a potential new model intended to help predict recovery following spinal cord injury (SCI). Based upon motor scores at admission and early imaging studies, clinicians may be able to use this new model to predict functional outcomes. The model may also assist in guiding decision-making for therapy and care-giving needs.

A recent news release reports that the prediction model blends acute functional measures with evidence of injury on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), including swelling and bleeding around the spinal cord. The model was drawn from two large clinical datasets, researchers say.

The primary goal for the medical research, according to W. Dalton Dietrich, III, PhD, Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, University of Miami, Fla, Journal of Neurotrauma deputy editor, is to spotlight early surrogate markers that may assist physicians in pinpointing the appropriate therapeutic strategies. “This article provides important information that could help predict the potential for recovery after SCI and thereby direct treatment options,” Dietrich says.

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Source: Journal of Neurotrauma