JSCMKessler Foundation, West Orange, NJ, reports that the Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine (JSCM) has provided readers a special issue featuring a focus on “Advances in Technology for People with Spinal Cord Injury.” The issue features guest editor Roy Cooper, PhD, University of Pittsburgh, FISA/PVA Endowed Chair and a Distinguished Professor of the Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Pittsburgh.  Cooper also serves Center Director at the Center of Excellence for Wheelchair and Related Technology, VA Rehabilitation Research & Development Center, and a Senior Research Career Scientist at the VA Rehabilitation Research and Development Service, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Kessler Foundation’s Carolann Murphy, PA, serves as the journal’s assistant editor.

The issue reportedly features the contributions of clinicians, scientists, and engineers from the US, Mexico, Japan, the UK, and the Netherlands. The issue offers readers reviews centered on neuroprosthetic technology, functional assessment, and performance evaluation for assistive robotic manipulators. Additionally, a news release from Kessler states that special articles are included the issue, which address evacuation preparedness for wheelchair users, a computer-assisted rehabilitation environment for enhancing wounded warrior rehabilitation regimens, as well as software wizards engineered to adjust keyboards and mouse settings for individuals with physical impairments.

A wide variety of research articles are also available and include assessment of wheelchair driving performance in a virtual reality-based simulator, vertical ground reaction force-based analysis of exoskeletal-assisted ambulation in individuals with motor-complete paraplegia, and effectiveness of local cooling for enhancing tissue ischemia tolerance.

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Source: Kessler Foundation