ABC Home Medical Supply Inc (ABC Medical) introduces Navigator, a new service for people living with a spinal cord injury (SCI) who are transitioning from hospital and rehab care to life at home.

After an SCI patient is released from a rehab facility, often they find themselves in need of assistance adapting to their life change. The nationwide digital portal includes live support to help patients by providing them access to critical resources as they transition from rehab to living life back home, a media release from ABC Medical explains.

This video explains more about Navigator.

“Research [in Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation] shows that SCI patients who find helpful connections and peer mentoring after rehab demonstrate a significant decrease in unplanned re-hospitalization during the first 6 months. It is with this great need in mind that we launch Navigator, which will offer real solutions, valuable insights, and helpful tools to those who are on the road back from a spinal cord injury. This launch marks an exciting new chapter for ABC Medical.”

— Gary Bang, President, ABC Medical

Peer Support

Available peer support from individuals who themselves have lived through the transition from rehab to home following an SCI is just one of the vital benefits of the Navigator digital portal, the release continues.

“Navigator provides information and links for guidance in various topics including physical well-being, intimacy matters, employment, financial advice, and more. In addition, our trained team of live ‘Navigators’ are ready to assist individuals with resources on any and everything they may face, other than direct medical advice.”

— Jill Karno, a Spinal Cord Injury Specialist at ABC Medical

Navigator is not intended to replace necessary clinical care, ABC Medical emphasizes.

[Source(s): ABC Medical, PRWeb]

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