PopSockets, makers of a grip designed to help patients with spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury to operate their phones independently, announces a partnership with Craig Hospital.

As part of the partnership, PopSockets will donate 10% of all net proceeds from sales on PopSockets.com during April through June to Craig’s “Culture of Care” program, which facilitates life-affirming activities for patients affected by spinal cord and traumatic brain injury.

In addition, PopSockets will also donate 10,000 PopSockets grips to Craig Hospital, according to a media release from PopSockets.

The PopSocket is a small collapsible device that adheres to the back of a telephone. It was designed for patients with spinal cord injuries or traumatic brain injuries who are unable to extend their fingers due to their injury, which makes it impossible for them to hold their phones. To operate their phones independently, patients simply need to wrap their fingers around the PopSocket.

“I was thrilled to learn that PopSockets grips can have such a positive impact on people who have sustained a spinal cord and/or traumatic brain injury. We are happy to help support these people through our partnership with Craig Hospital,” says David Barnett, founder and CEO of PopSockets, in the release.

“At Craig, we introduce our patients to a variety of tools to make their lives easier and provide them with the opportunity to try them out, which is why we are proud to partner with PopSockets. Tools like PopSockets can be essential to achieving the highest level of independence and quality of life for people living with disabilities,” states Mike Fordyce, president and CEO of Craig Hospital.

[Source(s): PopSockets, PR Newswire]