PixarBio Corporation announces that its CEO and chief science officer, Frank Reynolds, was recently named to the 2015 Irish Education 100.

The Irish Education 100 is a listing of the leading Irish-American figures in education across the United States, and it gives tribute to the enduring Irish success in education, especially at the university level, according to a media release from PixarBio Corporation.

The listing was first compiled by the newspaper Irish Voice as a way to quantify the Irish commitment to excellence in education in the United States.

A special edition of Irish Voice that will be available December 9 will feature the 2015 Irish Education 100 honorees. On that same day, an award ceremony for the honorees will be held at the home of the Irish Consulate General in New York City, per the release.

PixarBio Corporation, founded by Frank Reynolds and others, focuses on researching and developing targeted delivery systems to treat pain, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and spinal cord injury, the release explains.

For more information, visit PixarBio Corporation.

[Source(s): PixarBio Corporation, Business Wire]