PTC Therapeutics Inc announces the three recipients who will receive funding through the company’s STRIVE Awards program. The global STRIVE Awards program provides grants to non-profit organizations serving the Duchenne muscular dystrophy community. 

“I am continually impressed with the passion and commitment of those working in and supporting the Duchenne community. Their determination, motivation, and adaptability shined through more than ever in this year’s applications. 

“The STRIVE Awards continue to provide organizations across the world with opportunities to improve outcomes for people living with Duchenne. Our new category, ‘Transition to Adulthood,’ celebrates initiatives that support a key stage in life for those living with Duchenne and allows them to look forward to independent, fulfilling and rewarding lives.”

— Mary Frances Harmon, Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations, PTC Therapeutics

The Program’s Seventh Year

2021 marks the seventh year of the STRIVE Awards program, and the highest number of applications in the program’s history with 58 applications from organizations around the world. This year’s grant funding will support initiatives to establish a Duchenne-specific residential model aimed to support independent living, to structure a clinic with needed equipment and furniture for the provision of care, and to develop a suite of resources to support people with Duchenne to transition to adulthood.

The 2021 STRIVE Awards recipients are:

  • The Associação Gaúcha de Distrofia Muscular (AGADIM), based in Brazil, will develop a residential model that provides appropriate accommodation and support for people living with Duchenne. The “Duchenne Community” will provide opportunities to transition to adult life and live independently, with autonomy and freedom, whilst ensuring that those with severe limitations are cared for by certified and licensed professionals.
  • The Associação Sul Catarinense de Amigos e Familiares de Portadores de Distrofias Musculares Progressivas (ASCADIM), based in Brazil, will provide the only free physiotherapy clinic for people with progressive muscular dystrophies in South Brazil with the equipment and furniture required to deliver much needed care for people living with Duchenne. With their renovated and appropriately equipped headquarters, they will be able to increase the number of patients they are able to help.
  • The Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance, based in the UK, will launch “Living Full Lives – Achieving Your Aims in Transition to Adulthood.” The project aims to produce resources that provide tips and guidance on the important questions teenagers and young people may have around their transition to adulthood. The resources created by people with Duchenne for people with Duchenne will cover vital important physical, mental, and social messages, along with the vital role of healthcare professionals.

“I am honored to have been part of the STRIVE Awards program since 2016, and it’s wonderful to see how the projects have evolved. After all these years, I continue to be humbled at how the projects support children living with Duchenne to access the care and resources they need to transition to adulthood and get the most from life.”

— Antoine Daher, founder of Casa Hunter and one of the program’s judges

[Source(s): PTC Therapeutics Inc, PR Newswire]

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