The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) announces the launch of MDA Let’s Play, a community fundraising platform for gaming.

The first Game-a-thon event with famous Twitch influencer, Wade, known as Minion777 on Twitch and LordMinion777, will take place on YouTube.

Wade’s stream will feature many games, special guests, audience participation, and donation incentives in support of MDA’s mission to transform the lives of people living with muscular dystrophy, ALS and related neuromuscular diseases. The event is being streamed around the globe on March 15, from 1-7pm EST and is open for anyone to join, according to a media release from MDA.

“We’re using gaming as a medium to bring people together to both raise awareness and raise money for a great cause. Gaming is a way to connect people to real-world issues and in the past few years has cultivated entirely new audiences in support of great causes like MDA. My hope is that this stream will continue that trend.” Wade says.

Following the March 15 streaming event, the first MDA Game Night will take place on Saturday, March 21 from 7-10pm EST. Gamers everywhere are invited to participate in this all Fortnite event, and can get all the information they need to participate, by joining the MDA Let’s Play Discord. Non-gamer friends and family can watch the fun on the MDA Twitch channel, per the release.

MDA Game Night is designed to build a stronger community among MDA families from across the country, and will include a fundraising component for supporters who wish to raise money for MDA. All Game Night fundraising is facilitated via links in the stream that direct donors to the MDA Let’s Play site, and funds raised support MDA’s scientific research, innovations in care, and MDA Summer Camp for children with neuromuscular diseases.

MDA is also developing a powerful presence at major E-Sports events, and will be selling MDA Shamrocks at the CEO Dreamland, as well as at Combo Breaker in May and at the CEO Fighting Championships in June.

“We’ve always been an iconic American charity with innovative fundraising programs to achieve our mission of transforming lives – from the telethon to pinup campaigns and now gaming,” says Lynn O’Connor Vos, president and CEO of MDA, the release continues. “The communities we serve, our volunteers and partners are involved in gaming, and it gives them independence and freedom and joy to have fun and connect with friends online.”

[Source(s): Muscular Dystrophy Association, PR Newswire]