In an effort to provide accurate and easily accessible information about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) and Wondros have created the COVID-19 and MS Pathfinder online tool.

The COVID-19 and MS Pathfinder tool, available on MSAA’s website, was developed to allow members of the multiple sclerosis (MS) community to search for trusted sources and information related to COVID-19. The Pathfinder tool can help users find information on how to safely manage MS while staying at home, what to do if you or a loved one presents with COVID-19 symptoms, how to be prepared for a potential emergency situation, ways to contact healthcare professionals, and more, according to a media release from the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America.

“We are pleased to partner with Wondros on this new and innovative tool to assist members of the MS community access valuable information and resources pertaining to COVID-19. During these uncertain times, it’s vital for individuals with chronic illnesses to be able to find credible, up-to-date information on this ongoing health crisis.”

— Gina Ross Murdoch, MSAA President & CEO

The COVID-19 and MS Pathfinder has been designed to easily navigate through various topics including facts about COVID-19 as well as tips to stay safe and healthy. The information is presented through concise explanations in a unique and user-friendly format.   

“In the wake of COVID-19, it was our vision to create an intuitive, online educational platform that streamlines, organizes, and conveys essential information to specific communities. Our work with the wonderful people at MSAA only deepens our shared commitment to be of service to others, especially during times of great challenge.”

— Jesse Dylan, Founder & CEO of Wondros

Helmed by veteran filmmakers Jesse Dylan and Priscilla Cohen, Wondros is a creative agency and production company serving global leaders in business, social justice, innovation, public health, arts and entertainment, per the release.

[Source(s): Multiple Sclerosis Association of America, PR Newswire]

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