hips2To decrease the risk of fall injuries among older adults, a hip protector mechanism promotes comfort and a fit designed to naturally conform to the body. The ComfiHips Hip Proctectors are designed to be lightweight and fit easily into concealed interior pockets of the company’s specially designed undergarments. World Wide Ortho LLC, which markets the hip protectors, notes that the products are designed in response to studies that indicate slightly more than 20% of individuals who fall and break their hip expire within the first year.

The company notes that during testing of the product, the pads were able to reduce most forces below the level to fracture a hip. World Wide Ortho LLC also recommends the hip protectors for users prone to nighttime falls and notes that the pads can absorb 87.2% of the impact of a lateral fall. The ComfiHips target patient populations that include osteoporosis patients, individuals with a high risk of falling, patients undergoing rehabilitation or with balance issues, and patients with neurological challenges that could impair their balance and vision.

The company states that the product does not guarantee injuries will be prevented nor can the product prevent falls.

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[Photo Credit: World Wide Ortho LLC]

[Source: World Wide Ortho LLC]