endoA New Zealand clinical trial suggests that whole body vibration therapy (WBVT) may significantly increase bone strength among adolescents with cerebral palsy (CP). During the trial, researchers reportedly measured bone-mineral density and muscle mass following whole body vibration therapy.

The researchers note that leg and spine bone-mineral density increased post-therapy, however they add that total bone-mineral density did not change. Muscle mass in the legs also increased, according to a recent news release.

A total of 12 adolescents with CP were recruited for the trial and received the therapy for nine minutes per day for 20 weeks, the release notes. Researchers used special X-ray tests to measure bone-mineral density and muscle mass prior to and after WBVT. The results indicate that WBVT significantly increased the distance participants could walk for 6 minutes.

The release also notes that when compared to the distance participants walked at the beginning of the study, their distance increased by 10% following whole body vibration therapy.

Silmara Gusso, PhDm post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Auckland-Liggins Institute in New Zealand, states, “This extremely encouraging initial data strongly suggest WBVT will become a mainstay of treatment in children with loco-motor disability and justify the introduction of a completely novel and innovative treatment modality into pediatric care.”

Source: The Endocrine Society