Smartstones introduces “think to speak” technology that is designed to integrate EEG technology with its :prose application to help nonverbal people send a “thought message” to anyone via a push notification.

The :prose application translates sensor data such as touch and motion into spoken phrases. Using the application, nonverbal people can “swipe to speak” on an iPhone or iPad, “tap to speak” with the Apple Watch, or “gesture to speak” using Smartstones’ Touch device.

With the new “think to speak” technology, users simply wear a wireless connected Emotiv EEG headset, and via their brainwaves, they can send a thought message to anyone via a push notification (in-app SMS), explains a media release from Smartstones.

The Santa Barbara, Calif-headquartered company suggests in the media release that the integration of EEG technology can make :prose accessible to even more people, including those with ALS, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, and other motor-skill inhibiting conditions, who may find touch gestures difficult to perform reliably.

Smartstones notes in the release that it has an official partnership with Emotiv to provide the wearable EEG headset.

For more information, visit Smartstones.

[Source(s): Smartstones, PRWeb]