AbleNet Inc, Roseville, Minn, will feature its newest assistive technology products tailored for people with complex physical and cognitive disabilities at the Closing The Gap 2010 Conference in Minneapolis, to be held from October 21 to 23.

The company will showcase its latest offerings in access, environmental control, communications devices, and curricular solution for attendees: occupational and physical therapists, clinicians, administrators, speech therapists, parents, and end users.   

AbleNet will occupy booth number 236. Its offerings include:

SoundingBoard™: Enables communications by people who are nonverbal or those with limited ability to speak. This new application is designed specifically for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad and allows users to “speak” by touching the symbol shown on the display screen. The device may benefit individuals with a broad range of disabilities who have complex communication needs, such as developmental disabilities, cerebral palsy, or autism. Users can create custom communication boards, routines, and visual schedules recorded in any language. A set of AbleNet symbols is included as a starting point, but users can use their own photos to customize and build a unique AAC device.

QuickTalker™: Enables the student or child to start communicating in minutes. It is available with 7, 12, and 23 locations. The variety of message locations and the five available levels provide the flexibility needed to customize the communication and learning outcomes for each student. It includes features such  as a built-in handle for portability, built-in symbols storage, and variable recording time, depending on the model.

The company will also give two conference presentations:

Equals Mathematics = Math for All, on October 21 from 9:30 to 10:30 am.
Participants will be introduced to the Equals Mathematics program that covers a broad spectrum of standards-based objectives, uses special education best practice methodologies, and links the use of manipulatives, tools, and assistive technology to support achievement.

Inclusion Made Easy, on October 22 from 2 to 3 pm.
By way of standards-based curriculum, best practice methodologies, assistive technology, and data/transition management tools, participants will be shown ways to simplify these tasks. Session participants will be given an overview of four programs (Equals Math, Next, Flourish, and AbleNet Editions) with specific examples of methodologies, materials, management software, and assistive technology access.

AbleNet provides a line of communication aids for nonverbal individuals; access aids, such as switches and wheelchair-mounting devices for people who require physical supports; and special education classroom curriculum and software. Its products are represented in more than 60 countries and used in hundreds of thousands of classrooms in the United States and worldwide.

[Source: AbleNet]