A keyless keyboard aims to offer users with disabilities or injuries the ability to be more productive, connected, and independent at work or for leisure. The OrbiTouch Keyless Keyboard is designed as a full, ergonomic 128-character keyboard and mouse in one and as an alternative to the QWERTY keyboard. The product requires no finger or wrist motion to operate it. Domes replace keys in order to minimize hand and wrist exertion, targeting a pain-free typing experience.

The OrbiTouch requires no software installation and aims to assist users with hand and finger injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, cerebral palsy (CP), multiple sclerosis (MS), traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury (SCI), arthritis, and autism. The device is PC and MAC compatible and is now available in a wireless model.

For more information, visit orbitouch.com

[Source: OrbiTouch]