Practice-management software is configured in myriad ways that share a common goal: streamlining tasks such as automating billing and remittances, or helping design specialized therapy plans for patients. The software benefits practices needing to coordinate information for multiple locations. Comprehensive systems significantly reduce the amount of paperwork to be filed for new patients, as operations from scheduling, to sign-ins, to SOAP notes can all be automated. Some programs also allow practice information to be accessed via the Internet from any computer. Read on for a sampling of software systems on the market.


HealthLink Technologies, Buffalo, NY, offers InTouch practice-management software, which allows users to create daily notes using free-form typing, dictation, tablet handwriting, and paragraph macros, or by bringing forward previous notes for modification. Its electronic medical record component allows users to store most types of documents and images within a patient’s record. Users can merge data from a patient’s demographic information directly onto forms and templates, and store them for future recall. InTouch also alerts users about missing and overdue notes.

InTouch Practice Management Systems
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SpectraSoft, Tempe, Ariz, offers the BillNetPRO practice-management system. With BillNetPRO, claims are scrubbed against more than 14 million payor rules, and payor enforcement locks in full reimbursement on each claim. Its claim-submission process qualifies users for the full Medicare PQRI bonus. Closed-loop workflow ensures that all scheduled patients are seen, each visit is documented, every treatment is billed, and all claims match the documentation. BillNetPRO features automated appointment reminders and authorization tracking.

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Sammons Preston and the Patterson Companies, Effingham, Ill, have introduced an upgrade to its PTOS billing, scheduling, documentation, collections, outcomes, and integrated claims processing software. The software is offered as an integrated application, and also as separate billing, scheduling, and documentation modules, which can interface with other products. It addresses the needs of individual users, large single clinics, small and medium-sized multiclinic practices, and large enterprise practices that operate more than 250 clinics. The company offers seminars and training in major cities nationwide.

Sammons Preston and the Patterson Companies
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TherAssist, Highland Park, Ill, features the expertise and tools to help users convert to a digitally paperless clinic with ease. With more than 14 years of experience, TherAssist offers a user-friendly software package that includes documentation, customizable scheduling, and a seamlessly integrated billing program aimed to maximize efficiency for administrative and clinical staff. TherAssist applications are designed to centralize multisite clinics, streamline operations, and augment reimbursements. It provides an excellent solution for multidisciplinary health care facilities of all sizes, with applications available in LAN/WAN and Enterprise configurations or via the Internet through its ASP delivery model. TherAssist can also export demographic and billing data into all hospital systems via an HL7 interface

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TherapySource Software, Birmingham, Ala, a practice-management software solution, furnishes broad functionality. TherapySource is a scalable solution that is ideal for small clinics seeking to increase efficiency and automate clinical and financial processes such as scheduling, clinical documentation, EMR, billing, registration, and revenue cycle management. The software delivers a knowledge base that supports a broad range of documentation for specialties including hand, pediatrics, orthopedic, spine, and others. These features are integrated with scheduling and billing. The solution is ideal for outpatient rehab clinics seeking software that can expand with the practice.

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Hands on Technology®, Hinsdale, Ill, offers TheraOffice, a comprehensive, integrated rehabilitative therapy practice-management suite that helps streamline practice management. Comprising documentation, scheduling, and accounting applications, the system eliminates the need for expensive interfaces and dual data entry, and customized documentation reports organize data into templates designed by users. The integrated suite also helps diminish billing errors and hastens the process of recording patient data.

Hands On Technology
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ReDoc, from The Rehab Documentation Co, Nashville, Tenn, is clinical documentation software for physical, occupational, and speech therapists in private practice and for those who work in skilled nursing facilities and hospitals. The program helps streamline documentation, while facilitating Medicare and JCAHO compliance and reducing denials. It features comprehensive clinical components for orthopedics and sports medicine, spine, neurology, hand therapy, pediatrics, wound care, and other specialties within physical, occupational, and speech therapy. The software conveniently interfaces with hospital IT and practice-management systems.

The Rehab Documentation Co
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AccuMed Technology Solutions, Milford, Ohio, offers Cypress clinical documentation. Therapists can design customized documentation tailored to address the patient’s deficits via Cypress’s Deficit Directed Documentation™ system. Cypress clinical documentation is built on the foundation of AccuMed’s Rehab Outcomes Measure™ (ROM) rating system, providing an integrated clinical documentation and outcomes measurement system.

AccuMed Technology Solutions
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BMS Reimbursement Management, Upland, Calif, concentrates on rehabilitation services and has a specialized understanding of reimbursement issues impacting rehab professionals. BMS provides continuous training without additional cost for coding, Medicare POC, Medicare documentation and exception process, certification issues, and more. The company also offers a free reimbursement analysis.

BMS Reimbursement Management
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Planetrehab, Lafayette, La, provides complete practice-management software that integrates scheduling, comprehensive reporting, documentation, billing, and collections for single and multiclinic. Those who use this system avoid having to purchase modules or pay upfront hardware costs, and there are no costly licensing fees. Planetrehab was designed specifically for physical therapy and occupational therapy companies. Planetrehab simplifies the process. Users enter patient information once, schedule patient visits, document therapy sessions, and then receive payment. The software even handles collections.

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EON Systems, Clearwater, Fla, offers The Digital Office, which engineers an office whose major functions are computerized. A trio of software components comprise The Digital Office: The Practice Solution (TPS), a practice-management and billing software; Documentor, a documentation software; and Document Solution, a document management and storage program. The three components are designed to operate on their own, but when used together they provide a full software package.

EON Systems
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Measurable Solutions Inc, Clearwater, Fla, furnishes useful marketing solutions to private practice PTs. Measurable Solutions reports spotlight methods for increasing patient and physician referrals, instruct users on ways to increase income with patient referrals and market to physicians without leaving the office, and boost opportunities for meeting with physicians who are not interested.

Measurable Solutions Inc
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