by Frank Long, Editor, Rehab Management

AccuMed Technology Solutions
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Program: Connections Therapy Management

The Connections Therapy Management software focuses on maximizing revenue, operational efficiency, workflow, and compliance through paperless planning, scheduling, clinical documentation, billing, and rehab outcomes measurement. Connections Therapy Management is also designed to allow users to pinpoint outcome improvement and compare results nationally, to take advantage of real-time alerts that help staff remain on track, and ensure compliance. A full complement of electronic and hard copy reports are available on demand alongside an interface to popular billing, time-clock, payroll, and MDS applications.

BMS Practice Solutions
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BMS Practice Solutions has a track record for helping outpatient rehab practices get the money they deserve faster — while earning more per visit. Many physical therapist-owned private practices across the country are reported to rely on BMS Practice Solutions to take care of their billing and collections. The firm also provides state-of-the-art, proprietary Web-based technology solutions for billing, A/R management, financial reporting, clinical documentation, and scheduling.

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Program: Clinicient

Clinicient provides EMR and practice management solutions for documentation, scheduling, billing, and reporting. Users can document and communicate with referring physicians quickly and easily, and maintain compliance by using Clinicient’s library of prebuilt multi-disciplinary templates, or creating their own documentation forms. Built-in payor rules ensure billing revenue is maximized for every patient visit, while charges are automatically pushed into the billing system for same-day billing. The software is engineered to offer users compliant and paperless documentation and faster payments, and generate fewer denials and higher collections per visit, whether practices complete their own billing or use Clinicient’s billing service.

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Program: ClinicSource Therapy Practice Management Software

ClinicSource Therapy Practice Management Software places a high priority on managing the multiple aspects vital to clinic operation, including scheduling, electronic billing, clinical documentation, electronic charting (EMR), templates for evaluations, care plans, and SOAP notes. The software is also Web-based and mobile device ready. The software is engineered to utilize the space and speed of the Internet to provide users with a centralized approach to managing therapy practices at any time and from any location. The product’s pre-loaded goals are geared toward allowing users to create care plans and progress notes with ease. Patient profiles and treatment logs are additional features that aim to maximize the speed and efficiency of therapists when recording treatment sessions and progress notes.

Hands On Technology Inc
(866) 562-8413
Program: TheraOffice

Hands On Technology, Westmont, Ill, provides electronic medical records and practice management systems intended to empower clinical practices so they may improve their own overall clinical and financial performance. Founded in 1999, Hands on Technology aims to be a leader in electronic medical record and practice management software. Reportedly supporting more than 1,000 clinical practices in the United States and abroad, Hands On Technology works to provide the most current, user-friendly, and efficient tools to help improve clinical and business productivity.

LMN Builder
Program: LMN Builder

LMN is a Web site created to assist clients in writing letters of medical necessity in less than 30 minutes. Users’ private accounts are preloaded with hundreds of justifications that can be edited and used in the letters. To save time, the tool changes name and gender pronouns on each letter composed, while the level of customization and speed of composition are designed to increase with each use. LMN Builder is reportedly 100% HIPAA compliant and does require a software download, allowing clients to take advantage of the site at home or in the office. The LMN Builder tool is engineered to improve upon the composition time of existing template systems and allows users to move saved justifications into the LMN Builder tool as the letters are being written.

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Programs: MediLinks/Attigo Therapy

Since 1986, MediServe has been working with health care facilities to understand and address the highly regulated workflows, compliance, and documentation needs unique to physical rehabilitation, with a focus on producing results that improve compliance, outcomes, revenue, and efficiency. MediServe’s line of rehabilitation software solutions is tailored to support the individual needs of inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient rehabilitation, and private practice physical therapy by addressing the unique challenges rehabilitation providers face.

Optima Healthcare Solutions
(866) 959-7613
Program: Rehab Optima

Rehab Optima is a comprehensive suite of software applications that aims to assist practice owners by integrating the clinical, administrative, and financial aspects of the therapy business into one solution. Optima Healthcare Solutions emphasizes its passion for producing detailed product features to empower therapists to deliver efficient services for optimum patient outcomes. Engineered to increase clinics’ profitabilty across every touch point.

(888) 354-6418
Program: OptimisPT

OptimisPT offers users an evidence-based EMR, Web-based solution that includes applications for patient scheduling, clinical documentation, practice management, and reporting, with the option to include complete billing capabilities. One of the software’s built-in features provides Clinical Decision Support, which gathers patient information at the point of care, providing the clinician with recommendations for evidence-based clinical care based on real time data collection. Another built-in feature is dedicated to Compliance, engineered to help protect clinicians and administrators from the threat of an adverse audit by Medicare or other third-party payors. Built-in training tools are also included in every screen to expedite learning and customer support.

Patterson Medical
(800) 824-4305
Program: PTOS

PTOS, from Patterson Medical, is reported to be a highly supported software product for physical therapists, with users in all 50 states. PTOS provides an integrated practice management solution that includes billing, EMR/documentation, scheduling, electronic claims, and detailed management reporting, all designed to improve practice efficiency. As part of the Patterson family, PTOS draws on the customer support and R&D resources of the Patterson Technology Center to offer solutions created to promote practice growth and keep users up to date in the evolving health care environment. Designed to increase flexibility, and improve system speed and responsiveness.

(800) 982-5447
Program: Planetrehab

Since 2004, Planetrehab has made helping clinics throughout the country reduce expenses, raise revenues, and improve productivity its primary focus. The company’s complete practice management software is geared toward providing users a blend of easy-to-use scheduling, documentation, billing, reporting, and collections for single or multiclinic operations. Planetrehab was created specifically for physical and occupational therapy companies with no modules to buy, no large up-front hardware costs, and no excessively costly licensing fees. Planetrehab is engineered to expedite the process of entering patient information, scheduling visits, documenting therapy, and receiving payment. The company offers users an installed version, a Web version, or a combination of the two.

Practice Perfect EMR + Management Software
(877) 510-7473
Program: PracticePerfect

PracticePerfect EMR + Management Software is an integrated billing, scheduling, documentation, electronic medical record (EMR), and business growth tools software. The EMR + Management Software provides users with tools designed to maximize practice effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability; while helping ensure compliance and a high standard of patient care. PracticePerfect is geared towards helping the administrative and clinical staff of your practice fill calendars, streamline documentation, and enhance productivity. PracticePerfect aims to expand practices without long-term contracts or up-front costs. Engineered to allow therapists to increase focus on treating clients, and primary tasks, and decrease repetitive and non-revenue-producing work.

Raintree Systems Inc
(800) 333-1033
Program: TherapyRehab Plus

Raintree Systems Inc offers a fully integrated billing, scheduling, practice management, and EMR software solution for physical therapy clinics. Raintree Systems’ EMR module is engineered to ensure speed and ease of use. All clinical encounters are complete with detailed narratives and can be done in just a few minutes. Providers can quickly document patient care—even on tablet PCs using point-and-click features and drop-down menus. Documents and letters can be e-mailed or e-faxed to the referring and participating physicians directly from the program. The software is designed to satisfy demands for features such as collection tools, document routing, secure encrypted mailing, secure remote access, and electronic lab results.

The Rehab Documentation Company
(888) 401-4400
Program: ReDoc

ReDoc, a leader in Medicare and JCAHO compliance, aims to provide clinical and technical support and therapist-friendly software that help achieve consistent improvement, an increase in revenue, and ultimately enhance the management of therapist performance in real time. The software also allows for professional implementation and training by fellow clinicians. With built-in clinical standards of practice and the ability to detect billing and coding errors, ReDoc can assist in saving time, improving patient care, lowering operating costs, improving compliance, and increasing reimbursement.

(866) 245-8093
Program: TherapySource Software

TherapySource Software is a software solution designed specifically to streamline and automate clinical and financial processes, including EMR, scheduling, registration, clinical documentation, billing, and revenue cycle management. Combining these features with the SourceTherapy Billing Services also offers clinics turnkey financial services and a therapy billing software solution. SourceMedical’s therapy software and billing services target optimal visibility of billing productivity and performance for clients. The firm notes that its software solutions are engineered to provide users with training in clinical documentation and financial reporting, specialty-driven electronic health records (EHRs), and assistance in ensuring compliance to industry regulatory standards and cost control.

TherAssist Software LLC
(800) 596-3646
Program: TherAssist

TherAssist software is built to provide user friendly, customizable scheduling, documentation, and integrated billing to maximize efficiency for both administrative and clinical staff. TherAssist applications are ideally suited to centralize multisite clinics, streamlining operations as well as increasing reimbursements. TherAssist is designed to work as a key solution for multidisciplinary health care facilities of any size with applications available for use in LAN/WAN and Enterprise configurations or via the Internet through an ASP delivery model. TherAssist is also engineered to export demographic and billing data into hospital systems via an HL-7 interface. The software also features practice management reports.

(866) 221-1870
Program: WebPT

WebPT is focused on increasing productivity, ensuring compliance, improving documentation, and providing exceptional customer service. The WebPT Web-based software includes documentation, scheduling, practice management tools, coding, billing, and a home exercise program in one easy-to-use package. The software’s accessibility allows therapists to focus on patients and forget the paper. The firm designates the software as an all-in-one PT EMR, engineered specifically to meet therapists’ needs and complete documentation and billing requirements. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption protects patient information. Membership includes free and unlimited customer service for the lifetime of the account.

(888) 576-0800
Program: EClaims OS and Zyantus OS

EClaims OS and Zyantus OS Practice are created to assist with a wide array of needs in order to offer practices higher efficiency, less stress, and more revenue. The software is designed specifically to be compatible with different forms of technology and current with government requirements. Zyantus provides an easy-to-use system with a focus on providing all of the functions necessary for success, along with continuous, rapid response from the firm’s support staff. Users can also take advantage of the software’s revenue cycle management feature, created to ensure accurate claims, compliance, and optimal reimbursement. Zyantus aims to reinforce itself as a reliable partner and resource for rehab facilities and clinics.