Black Book Research announced that Netsmart software has swept the physical therapy technology platform ratings for highest customer satisfaction in the annual client experience polling of 20 top competitors. A total of 942 physicians, clinicians, and specialists, as well as administrative, IT, and finance leaders from 903 therapy practices, groups, clinics, and facilities, participated in the 2024 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation EHR PM survey.

The Netsmart TheraOffice electronic health record (EHR) and practice management software have advanced functionalities for patient intake, documentation, scheduling, billing, accounting, and clinical reporting. TheraOffice is designed to help physical therapy clinics of all specialties and sizes, including occupational therapy and speech therapy.

“As we continue to invest in our TheraOffice platform, we’re not just investing in software; we’re investing in the future of rehabilitation care,” says Steve Dix, SVP & General Manager of Specialty Practices, Netsmart. “This recognition reaffirms our relentless pursuit of innovation to equip therapists and rehabilitation professionals in delivering exceptional patient care and we are proud to lead the industry in bridging the gap of care across all community-based settings.” 

Netsmart climbed ahead of established market PT leaders in eight of 18 total key performance indicators, propelled by four key factors as identified by industry providers: 

Innovative Virtual Care Solutions

A total of 85% of rehab facilities and therapy providers recognized Netsmart’s commitment to innovation in physical therapy (PT) software. Acknowledging the rising prominence of virtual appointments and telerehabilitation, these providers asserted that Netsmart’s solutions excelled in facilitating these services.

Patient-Centric Engagement Features

Netsmart garnered attention as 90% of providers seeking replacement PT software prioritized patient engagement. Netsmart’s software solutions, with a focus on mobile apps, patient portals, and communication tools, were identified as standout choices. 

“These features not only supported communication between patients and therapists but also played a crucial role in encouraging treatment plan adherence and assisting overall patient satisfaction,” says Doug Brown, president of Black Book Research.

Interoperability Leadership

In response to the evolving healthcare landscape, 58% of providers expressed a continued need for EHR and PM software that excelled in better connectivity. Netsmart emerged as a frontrunner, offering a system that facilitated seamless data exchange between different healthcare systems and addressing a critical requirement for efficient collaboration among providers.

Outcome Measurement Tools for Evidence-Based Care

A total of 88% of respondents, embarking on either replacement or initial software implementations, prioritized Netsmart’s EHRs with value-based care support and analytical tools.

“Netsmart’s success in rehabilitation software can be attributed to its pioneering approach in addressing the industry’s evolving needs,” says Brown. “By delivering innovative virtual care solutions, prioritizing patient engagement, excelling in interoperability, and integrating outcome measurement tools, Netsmart has positioned itself as a trailblazer in the dynamic landscape of physical therapy software.” 

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