Net Health, a provider of EHR software for specialized care settings, launches Net Health Therapy for Acute Care, a digital solution designed to help physical and occupational therapists in acute care settings to improve clinical and business outcomes by increasing efficiency and standardizing patient care.

“Acute care therapy managers have been sharing their daily frustrations with us, and we have been listening closely. We know that achieving the best patient outcomes is hard to do when therapists are bogged down by so many manual processes and gaps in real-time patient information. We are excited to introduce a targeted solution that addresses the specific challenges for therapists operating in acute care settings.”

— Net Health CEO Josh Pickus

Pickus notes in a media release that Net Health Therapy for Acute Care was designed to help acute care therapists adhere to hospital-set documentation timelines, maximize staff utilization while prioritizing patient care needs, meet productivity demands, report financial performance to upper management, and foster employee satisfaction and retention.

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Key components and benefits of the Net Health solution include:

  • An electronic order management process that drives efficiency in receiving, assigning and updating treatment orders, thereby reducing order-to-evaluation time;
  • A real-time communication tool that enables treatment teams to adapt quickly to patient location changes and share information about patients with each other to improve patient outcomes;
  • Expeditious communication of discharge planning details to other team members to improve care;
  • Streamlined documentation workflow designed specifically for the needs of therapists in the acute care environment;
  • Timely and actionable reporting that consolidates reporting systems to increase efficiency and inform clinical and administrative decision-making; and
  • Seamless integration with hospital information systems to eliminate double-data entry.

[Source(s): Net Health Systems Inc, PR Newswire]