NEWTON, Massachusettes-based Visible Body has launched a  Web-based 3D interactive model of the human body that includes over 2400 anatomical structures and 3D renderings of major organs.

The latest release includes new renderings for ligaments of the shoulder, knee and ankle as well as over 100 terms added to the program’s dynamic search function

With over 2,400 anatomical models, Visible Body serves as a reference and visualization tool for educators, students, doctors, and others interested in human anatomy.

Users of Visible Body can, in real time, view any combination of anatomical structures from any angle by zooming in, rotating, and making structures transparent or invisible. Visible Body has dynamic search capability, easy-to-use 3D controls, and is compatible with most web browsers.

Visible Body is sold through website subscriptions at A demonstration version is also available that offers all the functionality of the software and access to the models of the head and neck

(Source: Press Release)