Nashoba Nursing Service and Hospice (NNSH) announces its partnership with Health Recovery Solutions (HRS) to use telehealth technology to help improve remote care for patients with chronic conditions.

By using telehealth to establish more touch points with patients, NNSH hopes to prevent and reduce hospital readmissions, it notes in a media release.

Patients participating in the telehealth program are provided with 4G tablets pre-loaded with HRS software. The tablets are paired with Bluetooth biometric devices that allow patients to capture physiological data such as blood pressure, weight, heart rate, and glucose levels. The patient information is automatically transmitted to the tablet and electronically delivered to the patient’s nurse, allowing clinical staff to quickly address any abnormalities or changes in medical status.

The HRS software provides daily medication reminders and disease specific educational content. It also allows the clinicians at NNSH to identify high-risk patients and intervene early, thus reducing avoidable readmissions and emergency department visits, per the release.

“Our patients are thrilled that we can now be in contact with them on a daily basis,” states Denise Sawyer, RN, clinical director at NNSH. “We are excited to use this technology solution to better communicate with patients and improve overall outcomes.”

“Nashoba Nursing Service and Hospice has demonstrated steadfast dedication to their patients through the establishment of this telehealth program,” adds Alex Ellis, director of operations at HRS. “The clinicians clearly put their patients first, and they are using the technology to improve the patient experience.”

NNSH, based in Shirley, Mass, is a home healthcare, palliative, and hospice agency that has been serving patients in central Massachusetts since 1931.

HRS, headquartered in Hoboken, NJ, supplies its remote monitoring platform to medical centers and home care agencies.

[Source(s): Health Recovery Solutions, PR Newswire]