The Therapy Mouse, developed by Mobility Research and SMK-Link Electronics, is a motion-sensing, wearable pointing device engineered to enable game-driven physical rehabilitation.

Both companies demonstrated the product during the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, according to a media release from both companies.

Amir Seif, president of Mobility Research, explains the Therapy Mouse in the release: “Enabling game-driven physical exercise, the wearable Therapy Mouse allows mobility-limited individuals to utilize gaming software in treatment of arthritis and physical rehabilitation from injury and other orthopedic and neurological ailments and conditions.”

“With the home physical rehabilitation market projected to reach $175 billion worldwide by 2023, the opportunity for home-based rehabilitation products is clear,” says Paul Evans, president, SMK Electronics Corporation U.S.A. and SMK-Link Electronics, in the release.

“We are pleased to partner with Mobility Research to provide Therapy Mouse—a wearable input device adding motion-sensing, game-based patient interaction to their LiteGait Physical Rehabilitation products,” he adds.

For more information, visit Mobility Research and SMK-Link Electronics.

[Source(s): Mobility Research, SMK-Link Electronics, Business Wire]