Innovative Speech Therapy, Potomac, Md, will present Innovative Interventions for Aphasia, a free Webinar, on June 26.

The presentation will discuss low-cost and up-to-date resources for individuals with aphasia, to help maximize progress and help them re-engage in everyday life, says the company. The event is scheduled from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm EST, and it will be available to view until July 10 for people who pre-register.T his session is not intended for people with aphasia, but rather for their caregivers and the professionals who are providing help.

Topics on the agenda:

    * multi-sensory drill and practice software to help reach goals faster
    * programs to stimulate communication in many languages
    * new devices to help people with aphasia communicate
    * how to see people as you speak to them from a distance—for free
    * programs that enable the computer to read text out loud as words are highlighted or typed
    * software to help keep the brain sharp
    * the use of the computer to stimulate socialization and improve community access
    * free online interactive products, video e-mail, and assistive technology

Viewers need a computer with high-speed Internet access and speakers. June is National Aphasia Awareness Month.
To register, [removed]click here[/removed]. Register by Tuesday June 23 to participate live or to be sent a link to view the recorded session. Registrants will be sent an e-mail with further instructions several days prior to the session.

Research has shown that technology can be used to establish new connections in the brain, yet many individuals who have aphasia are not exposed to the many affordable resources that can expedite progress, says the company. The presentation will introduce viewers to some technological solutions to help individuals with aphasia maximize their speaking, listening, reading, writing, and executive skillsand their ability to participate in the community.

[Source: Innovative Speech Therapy]