Ensocare launches its mobile application Ensocare Respond, which is designed to work with the automated discharge solution Transition to help providers complete the post-acute care referral process more efficiently and effectively.

“Responding to a need from our provider network, we are pleased to bring this convenient technology to our post-acute users who carry out the important job of facilitating safe, timely, and coordinated care transitions for hospital patients,” says Luis Castillo, president and chief executive officer of Omaha, Neb-based Ensocare, in a media release.

The app, available from the Apple Store and in Google Play, allows post-acute providers to respond to referral requests from hospitals while “on the go” using a mobile phone or tablet.

“Now, post-acute providers in our network can respond to hospital referral requests from virtually anywhere with the use of a smartphone or tablet and Ensocare Respond,” states Chief Technology Officer, Patrick Yee.

“This added convenience will allow our post-acute network to be even more responsive, further enabling hospitals to receive more timely consideration of their requests, and transitioning patients to the most appropriate care setting sooner,” he adds.

The app also includes an updated Provider Portal, with features such as central intake capability, access to a patients’ historical referral status and a more user-friendly interface.

[Source(s): Ensocare, Business Wire]