InSight, a new wireless monitoring tool from EarlySense, is designed to provide continuous patient monitoring to help reduce patient falls and hospital readmissions.

The InSight monitor is cost-optimized for post-acute care settings, such as skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities, according to a media release from EarlySense.

It works via a Contact-Free Sensor placed under a hospital patient’s mattress to continuously monitor the patient’s vital signs without any leads or cables. The sensor relays continuous data, including heart rate, respiratory rate, and motion statistics, to a clinician’s connected device, as well as to a central nursing station.

By providing the real-time information to a central nursing station, tablets, and mobile devices, InSight enables hospital staff to receive advance warning of cardiac or respiratory changes, and intervene earlier, therefore possibly reducing the risk of re-hospitalization.

The tool not only provides real-time monitoring and alerts, but also generates daily reports on the patient’s status and benchmark analyses, and can be integrated with electronic medical records systems.

“With InSight, we’ve created an easy-to-use in-room solution that monitors residents while updating staff in real-time of any changes detected in their conditions,” says Avner Halperin, CEO of EarlySense, in the release. “This means clinicians can detect patient deterioration early, as well as keep patient fall episodes to a minimum, resulting in fewer hospital readmissions and penalties.”

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[Source(s): EarlySense, PR Newswire]