Casamba and BetterPT announce a partnership and an integrated solution combining the BetterPT physical therapy appointment booking platform into Casamba’s outpatient therapy EMR.

The solution is designed to help enable easy and efficient real-time scheduling requests from patients directly to physical therapy practices. Patients looking for a physical therapy clinic or specific clinicians on the BetterPT platform can now directly request appointments to any outpatient therapy clinic location that interfaces with Casamba Clinic.

BetterPT’s platform provides immediate access to patients searching for physical therapy, supporting the growing trend of patients self-referring to PT, and the providers’ need to reach more patients. Patients seamlessly connect with providers to make appointment requests based upon insurance requirements, location, and availability, explains a media release from Casamba.

“Partnering with BetterPT allows our customers to effectively position their business to capitalize on this new trend in patient referrals, particularly as the number of direct access visits continue to increase,” says Billie Nutter, president of Casamba, in the release. “Patients are demanding more appointment booking flexibility, and Casamba’s scheduling interface with BetterPT makes this possible.”

“The industry has now recognized the need for a platform specializing in access to care and promoting operational efficiency for the provider,” adds Greg Peters, CEO of BetterPT. “Casamba has an outstanding reputation among these providers, and we are excited to help them bring a first to market, industry changing experience to an underserviced, massively important sector of healthcare – physical therapy.”

[Source(s): Casamba, PRWeb]