A fitness app marketed by Ottobock and engineered to provide lower-limb prosthesis users with a self-managed workout regimen, is available for free download. The iPhone and iPad-compatible “Fitness for Amputees” app is designed to assist leg amputees in achieving more mobility and to provide professional support in their rehabilitation, as stated in an Ottobock news release.

The app features two sets of eight exercises developed by an Ottobock physiotherapist in the areas of strength and endurance, as well as coordination and balance. The app’s first module demonstrates exercises for strength and endurance training without the prosthesis, targeting strengthening of the leg muscles, stomach, back, and arms, according to the release.

The second module places an emphasis on balance and coordination training while wearing the prosthesis, offering exercises that emphasize simple sequences of movement to help the users gain better control over their prosthesis at work, in daily life, and in leisure time. Three levels of intensity are featured in the modules that include easy, normal, and difficult, along with moving images and texts intended to guide the user through both modules of training.

The app can also be customized to match a personal training or therapy plan and is not tied to any specific prosthetic product.

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[Source: Ottobock]