Calabasas, Calif-based PTPN is celebrating its 30th anniversary as a specialty network of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech language pathology professionals in private practice.

Michael Weinper, PT, DPT, MPH, a physical therapist for over 40 years, shares in a news release from PTPN that one of the goals for PTPN has been to show payors the value of physical therapy.

“Too many payors view therapy as a commodity,” Weinper notes. “It’s not; we work with payors to show them the value, in terms of cost savings and patient outcomes, of working with knowledgeable, committed and educated providers. We know and want them to understand that quality rehabilitation services lead to lower costs downstream in other medical areas, like imaging, pharmacy, and even surgery.”

The programs PTPN has launched, according to the release, include: the PTPN Outcomes Program, which enables reimbursements to be tied to value or results; Physiquality, PTPN’s consumer brand, to help therapists become less dependent on reimbursement and build a direct source of revenue from clients; and The PTPN Political Action Center, which is designed to ensure that the interests of private practice owners—and more specifically, those who are part of PTPN—are served on Capitol Hill.

Weinper states in the release that he sees a bright future for PTPN. “I think payors will begin to realize that they may have gone too far in cutting reimbursement across the board, and that it is time to properly support those providers who focus on quality, long-term cost savings and improved outcomes,” he explains.

The PTPN network includes independent contractor therapists who own their own practices, and it is contracted with managed care organizations. For more information, visit

[Source: PTPN]