Myomo Inc announces it has signed an agreement with HOMELINK that will enable Myomo to process out-of-network claims for its MyoPro-powered orthosis with the 1,200 payers in HOMELINK’s network.

“HOMELINK is an expert in orthotic and prosthetic reimbursement, and Myomo represents a new and unique addition to our product and service portfolio. We are proud to represent such innovative and beneficial technology,” says Dave Kazynski, President, HOMELINK, in a news release.

“Over 80% of our new candidates entering the pipeline are to be reimbursed directly by the payors to Myomo upon authorization. Some of these are covered by payers where Myomo is ‘out of network,'” Paul R. Gudonis, Myomo Inc Chairman and CEO states.

“For these situations, teaming up with HOMELINK may increase patient access to the MyoPro orthosis while streamlining our reimbursement process and shortening our time to revenue.”

[Source(s): Myomo Inc, Business Wire]