A 2-day seminar offered by Aquatic Therapy University (ATU) provides attendees 16 hours of training intended to expand beyond conventional methods of challenging balance and proprioception in the water. ATU notes that the course, “Novel Aquatic Balance, Proprioception & Fall Prevention Strategies,” which is hosted by Lakeshore Foundation, includes adaptions appropriate for both children and adults.

The course also includes research findings that reinforce balance and proprioceptive training in the water. According to ATU, attendees will be offered in-water instruction centered on the adaptions of the Berg, Salzman Aquatic Blanket Drills (ABD), Aquatic Sensory Integration (ASI), rhythmic stabilization, modified underwater weight-bearing, developmental sequencing (on mat and pool bottom), and other novel methods to hone balance, gait, and proprioceptive skills.

Learning objectives for the seminar include the ability to craft effective documentation supporting medical necessity for aquatic therapy for the balance and proprioception client and assess the merit (based upon the PEDro scale) or supportive research used to make the case reinforcing the use of aquatic therapy.

Additionally, upon completion of the seminar, ATU notes that participants will have gained the ability to progress a specific aquatic tasks from a lower level of function toward increased, as well as join with a partner to demonstrate skilled selection of and application of verbal and tactile cueing to engage patient participation.

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[Source: ATU]