ed1To combat the issue of elevated fall risk in the geriatric and neurologic population, a September continuing education course offers attendees evidence-based interventions to improve balance and prevent falls. According to Education Resources Inc, a key component of the course is learning to select and use the most appropriate tools for assessing balance/risk of falls and evaluating function. Participants will be provided the opportunity to investigate the link between cognition, the sensory system, and balance control issues.

Participants will also apply motor control interventions and motor learning concepts to specific conditions. The course will emphasize effective evidence-based treatment strategies in an effort to prevent falls, improve functional balance, and maximize the environment with patients with balance issues. These patient populations include older adults, stroke patients, and individuals with Parkinson’s disease and medically complex conditions.

Upon completion of the course, Education Resources Inc reports that participants will have the ability to apply course learning in a variety of ways, including designing functionally focused interventions for individuals with stroke, Parkinson’s disease, balance dysfunction, and dementia based on effective treatment, as well as demonstrating functionally focused treatment techniques for geriatric and neurologic populations.

The course is slated to be led by Carole Burnett, PT, EdM, DSc, associate professor in the College of Pharmacy, Nursing, and Allied Health Sciences at Howard University. Burnett has taught neuroscience and treatment techniques for neurologically impaired patients at Howard University for more than 25 years. Burnett also reportedly has broad clinical experience in treating neurologically impaired patients in a variety of settings, and has successfully incorporated new findings about motor learning, motor control, and brain plasticity into her treatment interventions.

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[Source: Education Resources Inc]