A multi-year partnership agreement has been made by the Solon, Ohio-based Multi Radiance Medical and Life University, headquartered in Marietta, Ga, a recent Multi Radiance Medical news release reports.

According to the news release, the Life University Sports Science Institute will use laser therapy in its clinical studies, designed to treat muscle-skeletal conditions, injuries, and for athlete rehabilitation. The offering of post-graduate continuing education courses in these areas will yield from the partnership between Multi Radiance Medical and Life University.

Mark Kanarsky, CEO, Multi Radiance Medical, articulates the organization’s pride in partnering with Life University, and adds that, “This partnership with Life University should enable chiropractors to advance both the science and practical application of laser therapy.”

Joseph V. Haezebrouck, DC, PT, Life University Functional Rehab, C-HOP, describes the use of the Multi Radiance Medical MR4 laser, which, “has proven positive clinical gains for elective patients who require adjunctive support services,” in the university’s functional rehabilitation department, Haezebrouck explains.

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Source: Multi Radiance Medical