A 2-day intermediate-level course available through North American Seminars provides attendees the opportunity to engage in a comprehensive presentation centered on rehabilitation for the neurological patient. According to the North American Seminar website, the lecture and lab will be combined in order to address a variety of topics using a dynamic systems approach.

The course, “A Dynamic Systems Approach to Neurological Rehabilitation,” is set to run from August 23 to November 2 at various locations across the nation.

The live course will provide attendees with a review of the basic concepts of PNF, NDT, motor learning, forced use, sensory and manual cueing, and the promotion of neuroplasticity. The site notes that the course will also explore the causes and treatment for altered muscular tone. The clinician will also learn about the impact that sensory systems have on motor performance, will be given exercise protocols to enhance motor outcomes using each system, and learn how to use one system to heal the other.

The course will address therapeutic approaches for the neurological patient, including strengthening, conditioning, balance, coordination, functional mobility, edema management, incontinence, and constipation. Additionally, disease processes, current research, and treatment protocols for the special needs of patients with CVA, Parkinson’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, and Post Polio Syndrome will be discussed.

Upon completion of the course, the site says, clinicians will be equipped with a range of exercise protocols specific for these diagnoses, as well as knowledge that can be immediately applied to a full spectrum of neurological patients.

Course objectives include understanding the concepts and theories that lead to dynamic systems approach to neurological rehabilitation, describing the process of neuroplasticity and demonstrate techniques to enhance the ability to maximize the concepts of neuroplasticity in progressive rehab programs, and understanding how each system is intricately related to each other and develop treatment programs to utilize one system to benefit the other.

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Course instructor Jennifer Goff, MSPT, NCS, CLT, CVT, has been a clinical instructor for 9 years. Goff obtained her BSPT at Northern Arizona University in 1989 and her MSPT at Rocky Mountain University in 2003. She is board certified in Neurology and is certified in the fields of vestibular rehabilitation, lymphedema and venous management, and VD.

[Source: North American Seminars]