The 2017 Design Forums for Rehab Professionals, a series of 2-day events hosted recently by Quantum Rehab, attracted clinicians from across the United States, who gathered to share ways to create better clinical outcomes through product and service innovations.

Among the attendees were 42 clinicians from leading rehabilitation facilities across the country. During the forums, they shared their hands-on experience with ways to improve existing mobility technology, as well as ideas for new products and services, all to create enhanced clinical outcomes for those who rely on complex rehab technology, notes Quantum Rehab in a media release.

“We seek constant input from consumers, providers, and clinicians to ensure Quantum delivers innovative, market-driven mobility technology,” shares Jay Brislin, vice president of Quantum Rehab, in the release.

“This type of intensive forum is invaluable to us,” he adds. “As an example, our new 4Front Power Chair, which is dedicated to high-end applications, was developed as a result of input from previous Quantum Design Forums.”

The Design Forums also serve as an industry event for clinicians to engage in proactive discussion, the release continues.

“The diversity of clinicians from across the country creates a wonderful resource for attendees to learn from each other,” states Julie Piriano, vice president of clinical education, industry affairs and compliance officer at Quantum Rehab.

“The collaborative knowledge that comes from the forums is invaluable for everyone. We’re privileged to have these opportunities to not just add a greater stake-holder voice to our products, but to also acknowledge the exceptional work of the clinician community,” she notes.

To watch a video of the 4Front Front-Wheel Drive Power Chair in action during the Design Forums, visit YouTube.

[Source: Quantum Rehab]