Sunrise Medical, Longmont, Colo, introduces the Jay J3 cushion, designed through the careful consideration of the Science of Seating. The  cushion provides optimal pressure reduction, positioning, and stability, featuring the Optiwell, an optimally sized pelvic loading area, redesigned factory filled or field variable fluid inserts, and new cover technologies that incorporate tension reduction and microclimatic properties.

The J3 cushion provides a seating solution for clients who need mild to more aggressive positioning, and are moderately to highly susceptible to skin and soft tissue breakdown.

For years, team members at Jay have studied anthropometrics—the study of the human sizes and ratios—and they designed the pelvic loading area based on anatomical evidence. From the smallest pelvis to the largest hip size, the 12-inch by 12-inch to 24-inch by 24-inch size range of J3 is designed to meet all of the clinical goals of seating, such as providing lateral stability, reducing pressure by uniformly distributing load across the entire contact surface, and increasing general comfort for patients.

The fluid pad insert for the J3 has been reengineered with increased pleating, resulting in decreased surface tension/better envelopment, and decreased fluid migration/increased stability and decreased likelihood of bottoming out.

Along with the stretch and incontinent covers, the products address the physiological needs of the client’s skin with the new microclimatic cover, which is helpful for clients who experience heat and moisture buildup next to the skin .

During the past 8 years, Jay engineers have conducted key scientific studies and actively worked with top researchers in the academic community. The products may appear simple, but they embody a synthesis of ideas from top minds.

Sunrise Medical specializes in design, manufacturing, and marketing of medical products that address the recovery and rehabilitation mobility and seating needs of patients in institutional and home care settings. Its products are distributed in more than 100 countries worldwide.

[Source: Sunrise Medical]