What role do you play in your life?

Heroes, like leaders despise the status quo as it breeds mediocrity. Managers, on the other hand need to keep the status quo rolling along. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with managers since, in fact, they are the individuals who help keep things going. They are needed to uphold the rules of the system, to encourage everyone to think logically, and act logically. But managers and leaders are different.

We love to point out how broken our systems are (I admit I do). And, it is particularly easy to point out how broken our healthcare system is. But, the mediocrity we see in the workplace should spur us to look at how mediocrity may have permeated our personal space as well. We should be asking ourselves, “How did things that are so important to us personally become ‘mediocre,’ when they instead should be ‘awesome?’” Could it be that we are willing to accept ‘mediocre’ as long as an entire system isn’t totally broken?

I submit that the system is totally broken.

When mediocre begins to disintegrate your passion and creativity, when you begin to tell yourself, “that’s just the way things are,” or “We are doing the best we can with what we have,” you may need to start initiating.

Initiating is what leaders do. Initiating is what the hero does. The hero does not usually know what the end result will be, or whether she/he will perish as a result of the process their actions began, but the hero does initiate. Marketing guru Seth Godin summed the essence of the hero succinctly: “Heroes live their lives in public, broadcasting their model to anyone who cares to look.”

Our world is changing more rapidly than ever in human history. This change may sweep aside the status quo and those who defend it (stuck bureaucrats).

Change may replace them with those willing to make the leap.

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