The industrial age affected every aspect of life. Factories with big machines were able to mass-produce products of all kinds. People were employed to run such machines and produce as much as possible with as little as possible and with the goal of generating the greatest profit possible.

The advent of the “factory” brought compliance. Compliance is defined as the act of conforming, acquiescing or yielding. The factory demands adherence to the status quo – how else could a factory be successful? Accordingly, the factory does not lend itself to creativity, independent thinking or change.

We are no longer in the industrial age, yet is the average healthcare facility not run like a factory?

Are we mandated to comply, conform and to hold the status quo? Compliance most likely dictated by the insurance carrier, not AOTA or APTA.

The “factory” breeds compliance, compliance breeds mediocrity. You may be a victim of mediocrity if thoughts like, “it’s not my fault,” “it’s out of my control,” or “they don’t pay me enough for this” waltz thorough your mind.

What can I say? It’s a new world out there, with unlimited possibilities. Don’t accept the factory.