VoiceFriend LLC announces the latest release of its Wellness Check Module for its voice-activated notification and communication solution, with new features to help nursing communities and rehabilitation centers perform more effective wellness checks on their discharged patients.

The updated Wellness Check Module leverages Alexa voice assistance technology to help rehabilitation providers reach out to discharged patients and perform follow-up wellness checks.

Discharged patients can respond to these wellness checks the following ways: 1) receive an inbound telephone call and press a number on the telephone key pad to confirm they are OK, 2) call the center’s designated phone number by a specific date/time, or 3) check-in via their voice-activated Amazon Echo smart speaker device.

The nursing/rehab center can program Wellness Check to automatically ask follow-up questions, such as, “How are you feeling?”, “Are you following your care plan?”, “Do you have questions about your care plan or medicines?”, “Do you need supplies?”, or “Would you like someone to call you to discuss any other questions or issues?”

The solution then automatically notifies the center staff as to which discharged patients have or have not updated their wellness status on time—along with patients’ responses to the follow-up questions. This can help reduce the number of manual wellness checks needed and increases the touchpoints between providers and discharged patients, VoiceFriend LLC explains in a media release.

“Given the high risk and cost of readmission, performing effective follow-up wellness checks on discharged patients is a vital responsibility for nursing communities and rehabilitation centers,” says Bruce Baron, VoiceFriend’s chief executive officer.

“But performing these wellness checks using typical manual solutions is costly and resource-intensive. Our newly enhanced voice-activated Wellness Check Module increases engagement with discharged patients while helping reduce readmissions.

“The more effective wellness follow-up process provides additional peace of mind for patients and families—and frees staff time for other high-priority tasks,” he adds.

 [Source(s): VoiceFriend LLC, PRWeb]