ImagineMIC announces the launch of a new telehealth solution designed to aid the clinical oversight of patients in skilled nursing care environments.
The technology consists of an FDA-cleared, wireless Biosensor Telemetry Patch that is placed on the patient’s chest and is designed to capture, monitor, and trend—in real time—the patient’s heart rate, respiratory rate, 2-lead ECG, skin temperature and orientation.

The patch works in tandem with the company’s Monitoring Intervention Center (MIC), allowing for enhanced clinical decision-making. The MIC is staffed with a team of ER physicians, NPs, PAs and RNs who review this data 24/7/365, allowing for immediate, on-the-spot clinical decision-making, a release from ImagineMIC explains.

“Most telemetry products on the market are reactive, ours is proactive,” explains ImagineMIC CEO and founder Dr Anthony Bacchi, in the release.

“Most products are simply ‘Skyping’ whereas our technology utilizes a combination of telemedicine and real-time hemodynamic data allowing for immediate real-time clinical intervention before a medical emergency, such as a rapid change in a resident’s condition.”

For more information, visit ImagineMIC.

[Source(s): ImagineMIC, PR Newswire]