Kare Products Inc, Boulder, Colo, markets a lumbar cushion built to provide users support and reduce muscle strain in planes, trains, automobiles, and the office. The Lumbar Cushion, Half Roll, is designed to target support during long hours of sitting and is intended to work with just about any seat. The product’s position is easily adjusted to accommodate the user’s needs and comfort. Its benefits, the company notes on its website, include durability and pressure distribution.

The Lumbar Cushion, Half Roll is built to form to the lower back and can be used as a Scapula Roll, fitting along the spine and relaxing the shoulder blades into a natural position. The product can also serve as a sleeping pillow when traveling, the site says, allowing for gentle neck traction and relief from pillows that are too big or too high.

For more information, visit www.kareproducts.com

Source: Kare Products Inc