A.R.T. Group,
a division of Sunrise Medical
(ShurShape product line)
2010 E Spruce Circle
Olathe, KS 66062
Phone: (866) 910-9910
Fax: (913) 489-4041
Web site: www.shurshape.com
Product: ShurShape

The A.R.T. Group’s ShurShape product line offers foam cushion technology with a generous remake policy—a free replacement within 90 days and a growth policy of a replacement within the first year at one half of the retail price. Each molded cushion is accompanied with patch material that is the same material used for the covering of the cushion. This patch material has an adhesive backing allowing it to be affixed directly to the cushion for repairs or modifications. The Carrying Structure (base support) is made of a plastic material that is moisture resistant, making it easy to clean. The cushions are made of closed cell foam in a sealed material, allowing them to be cleaned. These cushions are used for molding purposes and can be ordered in pediatric all through bariatric sizes. The cushions are custom made to size of the order. Seat and back cushions have the ability to change width by moving the lateral supports for weight changes or growth. The cushions can also be modified by cutting or adding foam to make any desired changes for posture and seating needs. Additional hardware is available, such as various headrests, removable flip-down abductor, and different styles of lateral supports, hip belts, anterior trunk supports, and foot positions. All of ShurShape items carry a 1-year warranty, and hardware carries a lifetime warranty.

Seat or Back Molding kits retail at $1,072. A complete seat or back molding system with support base, lateral supports, and hardware retails at $1,716. The HCPCS code for seat cushions is E2609, and for back cushions is E2617.

Aquila Corporation
206 Hood St
La Crosse, WI 54601
Phone: (608) 782-0031
Fax: (608) 782-0488
Web site: www.aquilacorp.com
Product: Airpulse PK

Each automatic alternating air pressure relief cushion system by Aquila is custom made for that individual based on specific questions asked at time of order. The cushions come in six standard sizes or a custom size can be made for any specification. The product is typically manufactured and shipped in 1 week or less. Aquila’s cushions are repairable, and in the event a cushion must be sent in for service, the repair is done the same day as the cushion is received. Technical assistance is provided via phone during normal business hours.

Depending on the model, Aquila cushions cost between $3,300 and $3,700.

An automatic controller is preprogrammed with settings for that individual customer during production. The system operates by pushing a button, including changing inflation/deflation cycle times and pressure settings. The cushion system operates on either the built-in battery pack or directly from the wheelchair battery. The battery pack operates for over 45 hours per charge. The automatic controller settings can be changed with the push of a button for inflation/deflation cycle times or pressure settings for posture changes and changing seating needs. Aquila offers a remote control that includes a power switch, system status, low pressure and battery status indicator lights, and beeper. Extra covers may also be purchased, including incontinence and nonslip covers. A 1-year warranty is included with the purchase price and covers any manufacturer defects. A 12-month warranty extension may also be purchased at the time the system is purchased and may be renewed annually. A maintenance agreement can be purchased at any time after the customer starts to use the system. Replacement of the battery pack and air pump is included under these programs.

The company’s HCPCS code is E2610.

Future Mobility Healthcare US LLC
42 Read’s Way
New Castle, DE 19720
Web site: www.future-mobilityus.com
Product: Prism Seating and Orion Wheelchairs

Future Mobility Healthcare offers fully adjustable foam, honeycomb, and custom seating, and offers its customers online or direct contact with its customer service and/or engineers. The foam cushions can be wiped down with a slightly dampened cloth-use mild detergent, and the cover can be cleaned with a mild detergent, machine wash cold, on the gentle cycle. The cushions are available from 12 inches to 24 inches. Additional parts and accessories are available. Repairs and loaner programs are not available at this time. The company offers a 2-year warranty on its foam cushions, and a 90-day warranty on its covers.

Ride Designs
4251-E South Natches Court
Sheridan, CO 80110
Phone: (866) 781-1633
Fax: (303) 781-1722
Web site: www.ridedesigns.com
Product: Ride Designs R1
Ride Custom Cushion

Ride Designs offers two different types of cushion technology with its products. The Ride R1 Cushion is an off-the-shelf, generically shaped cushion that isolates pressure and shear forces off of at-risk bony prominences (ITs and coccyx) and transfers these forces to tolerant tissue (gluteals and hamstrings). The Ride Custom Cushion accommodates postural deformity while off-loading at-risk bony prominences (ITs and coccyx) and transfers these forces to tolerant tissue (gluts and hamstrings).

For the Ride R1 Cushion, the Ride CAM (contour adjustment mechanism) wedges to increase off-loading at the ischial tuberosities or to correct flexible pelvic obliquities and posterior tilt. For the Ride Custom Cushion the Ride CAM straps to increase off-loading at the ischial tuberosities or to correct flexible pelvic obliquities and posterior tilt.

Once the cushion—available in pediatric, adult, bariatric, and custom sizing—is adjusted to meet the person’s specific needs, no other adjustment needs to be made unless a weight loss/gain or change in physical condition occurs. The cushion cover can be machine-washed and the cushion base can be hand washed and rinsed. The company recommends purchasing an extra cover for cushions.

The Ride R1 Cushion comes with a 24-month warranty, and the cover a 90-day warranty. The Ride Custom Cushion comes with an 18-month warranty, and the cover a 90-day warranty. Any repairs that need to be done should be processed through the nearest authorized Ride Designs rehab technology supplier.

Prices vary between the two cushions. Ride R1 Cushion: 14 inch to 20 inch widths: $490; 14 inch to 18 inch width dimensionally modified: $735; 20 inch width dimensionally modified: $840. Ride Custom Cushion: 12 inch to 20 inch widths start at $1,170; 21 inch and 22 inch widths start at $1,290; and tapered widths start at $1,290.

The HCPCS code for the Ride R1 Cushion is E2607, and the Ride Custom Cushion is E2609.

The ROHO Group Inc
100 North Florida Ave
Belleville, IL 62221
Phone: (800) 851-3449
Fax: (888) 551-3449
Web site: www.therohogroup.com
Product: SELECT

The ROHO Group’s SELECT Family of cushions sets the standard in the industry for overall performance in wheelchair seating. Each and every user will benefit from customized fit through the simple push of a knob. The revolutionary ISOFLO® Memory Control® Unit offers shape-fitting capabilities while the user is seated, allowing quick and easy, on-demand adjustment to maximize function. With the built-in stability and simplicity of the SELECT Family of cushions, no longer will the user have to sacrifice maximum skin protection to get stability, positioning, or convenience. Choose from the QUADTRO® SELECT® HIGH PROFILE®, QUADTRO® SELECT® LOW PROFILE®, or the CONTOUR SELECT™ cushion. The SELECT cushions offer a 36-month limited warranty.

Star Cushion Products Inc
5 Commerce Dr
Freeburg, IL 62243
Phone: (888) 277-STAR (7827);
(618) 539-7070
Fax: (618) 539-7073
Web site: www.starcushion.com
Product: Dynamic Air Flow Cushions
Standard Contour (4 inch)
Mid Contour (3 inch)
Short Contour (2 inch)
CXR Coccyx Relief Cushion
Starlock Series (4, 3, and 2 inch)

Star Cushion’s goal is to provide top quality products and excellent customer service. Users will find the customer service staff courteous and helpful. Of utmost concern are the end users. The company will do everything possible to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The cushions are very easily cleaned with mild soap and water, and the cushion covers may be washed on a delicate cycle and air-dried. The cushions are repairable, with all repairs addressed immediately upon arrival, and a turnaround time of about 1 week. A loaner program is available during the duration of the repair. All Star Cushions come with a full 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Because the cushions are air adjustable, they can conform to the individual profile of the user. This can be further enhanced by the use of the Starlock cushion, which locks the air cells in place, providing superior positioning for pelvic obliquities and other aggressive positioning requirements. Also available are cushions with dual and four valve compartments at no extra cost. Star Cushion also includes a variety of accessories including an optional polycarbonate Rigid Base, complete with a custom cover.

The company’s suggested retail prices range from $375 for the Standard, Mid, and Short Contour cushions, to $415 for the Starlock and CXR cushions. Bariatric prices start at $464.

All of its cushions are available from pediatrics up to a standard size of 21 inches by 21 inches. All products beyond this size are considered bariatric. Star Cushion also provides a complete customized service to meet the needs of the individual.

The entire Star Cushion product line falls under the four new “K” codes that went into effect July 1, 2006. They are K0734, K0735, K0736, and K0737.

4000 1st Ave South
Seattle, WA 98134
Phone: (206) 505-9500; (800) 827-4548
Fax: (206) 343-5795; (800) 363-7739
Web Site: www.varilite.com
E-mail Address:
Product: Zoid PSV
Evolution PSV
Evolution Wave
Meridian Wave
ProForm NX

VARILITE cushions use Air-Foam Floatation, which is a technology invented by VARILITE. All cushions are self-inflating so no pumps or other accessory tools are required. A simple turn of the two-way air valve lets air in or out of the cushion. The PSV (pressure setting valve) gives clients a precise way to adjust their VARILITE cushion to consistently achieve optimal pressure distribution. All VARILITE cushion covers are machine washable. The company recommends that users leave the valve open to allow the VARILITE cushion to fully inflate overnight at least once a week to maintain optimal cushion performance and foam integrity.

Each VARILITE cushion comes with a tailored cover in mesh or incontinence material. Evolution Wave™ and Meridian Wave™ cushions come with a Wave™ positioning base—available in three styles to address specific positioning requirements. The ProForm NX™ comes with several customizable components including Wedge, Contoured Positioning Base, Modifiable Thigh Cushion, Air-Foam Floatation cushion and cover. VARILITE also offers replacement or accessory cushion covers, Wedges, Drop Bases, Rigidizers™, and Wave positioning bases.

All VARILITE cushions, excluding the cover, are warranted against manufacturer’s defect for 2 years from the original date of purchase. Should a product be found defective, VARILITE will repair or replace it. VARILITE’s customer service department is available to assist customers Monday though Friday from 7 am to 4:30 pm Pacific Standard Time.

All of the cushions are repairable. The company sends out repair kits, and offers a repair service. VARILITE does not offer a loaner program at this time.

Pricing for 2007 will be announced at Medtrade Fall. 2006 prices for VARILITE adjustable wheelchair cushions range from $350 to $510.

VARILITE cushions are available in a full range of sizes from pediatric (12-inch width) to adult (20-inch width) and bariatric sizes (24-inch width).

All VARILITE cushions have received adjustable wheelchair cushion HCPCS codes K0734-K0737.