Burnet, Tex-headquartered Stealth Products Inc, a division of Quantum Rehab, announces in a media release that all of its products marked for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) patients will receive expedited handling and shipping.

The media release notes that this step illustrates the company’s commitment to the continued fight against ALS and those that are currently fighting the disease.

Cesar Perea, director of operations for Stealth Products, states, in the release, that, “Our new commitment will have us completing ALS orders within 48 hours and custom orders within 3 to 5 days, depending on the complexity.”

He adds that the company will also expedite shipping to arrive within 2 business days.

Stealth Products President Lorenzo Romero explains in the release the company’s reasoning behind this decision: “At Stealth we understand the struggles facing patients fighting ALS and the rapid pace at which this terrible disease can progress.”

“Because of this,” he continues, “Stealth wants to take this step to help get ALS patients the medical devices they need quickly to help make their lives as comfortable and manageable as possible.”

Per the release, Stealth Products manufactures specialty drive controls, head and body positioning components, specialty mounting hardware, and pediatric mobility solutions.

For more information, contact Stealth Products.

[Source: Stealth Products]