Atlanta, Ga-based company Graham-Field (GF) Health Products recently announced that it will acquire all assets of Pressure Management Group, Inc, (PMG), headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla. According to the release, PMG manufactures pressure reduction support surfaces, gel overlays, mattresses, foam cushions, gel cushions, positioning and other products geared toward use in long-term care, homecare, and acute care markets. The release notes that the transaction is slated for completion on March 16.

Ken Spett, GF CEO, articulates the company’s excitement regarding the acquisition, “The addition of the PMG product capabilities gives Graham-Field the ability to combine therapeutic pressure management products with a broad range of patient transport and sleep surfaces." Spett adds that the products may also prove to be a cost effective solution with greater patient benefits.

GF Health Products, Inc, reports that it will relocated the existing PMG manufacturing equipment and processes to its Doraville, Ga, and Fond du Lac, Wis, facilities.

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Source: GF Health Products, Inc