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Product: Airpulse PK

Airpulse PK is an alternating pressure wheelchair cushion system. The alternate air cells of the cushion automatically inflate/deflate to the desired firmness on an adjustable timed cycle. This action relieves pressure and stimulates circulation to help heal and prevent pressure sores. Airpulse PK accommodates any mobility-impaired individual who has or is at high risk of developing pressure sores. Every cushion system Aquila makes is customized to address each individual’s unique physical characteristics and needs. (Any cushion size can be made.) Air cells of the cushion can be isolated such that they apply near zero upward pressure under an existing pressure sore, allowing the client to sit even while the pressure sore heals. Once the sore has healed, the air cell can be easily integrated back into normal operation with the click of a fitting. The model number of the Airpulse PK is APK. Prices vary; call for estimate. A 1-year warranty is included, and a warranty extension is available.

Quantum Rehab®

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Product: Synergy® Solution®

The Synergy Solution cushion has a contoured, wrap-and-lift base designed with high-density, high-resiliency polyurethane foam that redistributes weight away from areas vulnerable to skin breakdown. This, along with a twin-cell gel insert, viscoelastic foam layer, and four-way stretch top fabric, offers pressure management, positioning, and long-lasting comfort. The Synergy Solution is available in a complete range of sizes and is compatible with a broad array of seating systems. The Synergy Solution cushion can be customized to accommodate the specifications of clients’ skin protection and positioning needs.

The price of the Synergy Solution cushion ranges from $380 to $430, depending on size. (Model numbers also vary with size specifications.) The HCPCS codes for these cushions are E2607 through E2608. The Synergy Solution cushion carries a 2-year warranty.

The ROHO Group

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Product: ROHO® Select Series

The ROHO Group’s Select Series of cushions is adjustable, lightweight, washable, repairable, and ventilated. Each of these cushions comes with a two-way stretch cover, hand inflation pump, repair kit, and operating instructions, and is constructed of a flame-resistant neoprene rubber.

There is no weight limit for the Select Series product line.

Sizes range from 12 to 20 inches for all Select Series cushions, which can be custom made for the individual user. Each user group can be accommodated by the Select Series cushions, as there is no weight limit for the Select Series product line. The Select Series cushions feature ISOFLO® Memory Control™, which offers shape-fitting capabilities while the user is seated, enabling quick and easy on-demand adjustment to maximize function. Each Select Series cushion offers skin protection, stability, and positioning. Users can choose from the following models: QUADTRO® SELECT® HIGH PROFILE®, QUADTRO SELECT LOW PROFILE®, and CONTOUR SELECT®.

The Select Series of wheelchair cushions is priced at $449, and is coded as follows:

  • The QUADTRO SELECT HIGH PROFILE codes are K0736 (12 to 20 inches) and K0737 (22 to 24 inches); the QUADTRO SELECT HIGH PROFILE CUSTOM is coded E2609.
  • The QUADTRO SELECT LOW PROFILE code is K0736 (12 to 20 inches) and K0737 for QUADTRO SELECT LOW PROFILE nonstock large sizes between 101 and 160 cells. The code for QUADTRO SELECT LOW PROFILE CUSTOM is E2609.
  • The CONTOUR SELECT code is K0736 (15 to 20 inches), and the code for the CONTOUR SELECT in nonstock large sizes (between 101 and 160 cells) is K0737. The code for the CONTOUR SELECT CUSTOM is E2609.

The ROHO Group offers a 3-year warranty with the SELECT SERIES cushions.


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Product: Meridian™

The Meridian provides pressure distribution, positioning stability, and comfort. It is constructed with Varilite’s Air-Foam Floatation, which uses air for pressure distribution and support, and multistiffness foam for stable pelvic positioning. Two independently adjustable Air-Foam Floatation chambers create maximum pressure distribution, and enable independent positioning of the pelvis and thighs. The Meridian’s dual chambers work together to correct sacral sitting by creating a preischial ridge, which prevents the ischial tuberosities—or ITs—from sliding forward into a posterior pelvic tilt. (It is self-inflating, so no pump is ever needed.) A removable, washable cover is available in mesh or incontinence material. The Meridian can be combined with a contoured Wave™ base for added positioning stability.

The Meridian is available in pediatric, adult, and bariatric sizes. Prices are $360 for model #720002 (< 22 inch width, HCPCS code K0736) and $440 for model #723002 (22 and 24 inch widths, HCPCS code K0737). The cushion has a 2-year warranty (excluding cushion covers).