Join Frank Long, Editorial Director of Rehab Management as he speaks with

Stacey Fitzsimmons, director, Account Matters, Business Management Consulting Services, Inc.

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. So why set yourself up to lose time and money by using separate systems for billing and EMR?

Discover how a single software system for billing and documentation can head off inefficiencies that cause billing delays, re-billing, and other costly errors. In this podcast billing expert Stacey Fitzsimmons explains the A/R benefits of software-based advantages such as automatically linking claims to documentation, instantly viewing postings with an ERA reader that allows adjustments prior to posting, and other important time-savers.

Find out how a single software solution gets billing right the first time, and shortens the distance between you and your revenue.



Stacey Fitzsimmons is director of Account Matters, a full service physical therapy billing company. She also assists in the consulting segment of the business with owner and founder Diane McCutcheon. Fitzsimmons specializes in physical therapy billing, collections,office set up, office staff training and follow up to insurance and patient collections.

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