Join Frank Long, Editorial Director of Rehab Management and Physical Therapy Products, as he speaks with Sean Kane, owner, West Milford Physical Therapy Center, West Milford, New Jersey.

Do your patients cancel appointments, drop out of treatment, or simply not showing up for scheduled visits? Listen to this podcast and discover how clinic owner Sean Kane dropped the cancellation rate at his outpatient practice to less than 10%.

Sean explains the critical importance of patient-to-therapist ratio, goal setting, and electronic reminders, as well as how effective communication with referral sources impacts your success.

You’ll also learn how to gage patient satisfaction with metrics provided by TotalInsight. Sean reveals how you can use those metrics to build efficiency in your practice and keep patients coming back to complete a full course of treatment.

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Left to right: Sean Kane, Anne Kane.

Left to right: Sean Kane, Anne Kane.

Sean T. Kane, PT, MHS, is a 1983 graduate of the SUNY Stony Brook Physical Therapy program and earned his master of science degree in orthopedics and sports medicine from the University of Indianapolis. Sean was elected Director of Communications in 2000 for the American Physical Therapy Association and is a founding member of the New Jersey Society of Independent Physical Therapists.

Kane co-owns the practice with his wife, Anne Kane. The couple began the West Milford Physical Therapy Center on the advice of local business owners who felt that a convenient physical therapy clinic would well serve the residents of the town.

The West Milford Physical Therapy Center receives referrals from specialists in orthopedics, neurology, pediatrics, pain management, and rheumatology in addition to referrals from general practitioners, osteopaths and chiropractors. Patients are also seen as through direct access as allowed by New Jersey State Law.