Join Frank Long, Editorial Director of Rehab Management and Physical Therapy Products, as he speaks with Dwayne Moore, director of clinic operations at San Francisco Sport and Spine, an outpatient physical therapy practice with three locations in San Francisco.

“No surprises for our patients, no surprises for us,” is a mantra for successful collections. Behind that mantra is software that helps clinics make sure payment for services doesn’t get skipped.

Find out how technology can be a collections ally. Dwayne Moore details how revenue cycle software helps assure claim data is complete and correct, and identifies obstacles to payment before an invoice leaves the office. He also reveals approaches for improving collections by educating staff, and using the strength of unified financial and clinical data.

Collections matter more to you than anyone else. Make sure your software has your back.

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Dwayne Moore

Dwayne Moore

Though every day offers its own set of challenges, Dwayne M. Moore, director of clinic operations at San Francisco Spine and Sport, says he still loves what he does and that not a week passes that he does not learn something new about the job and himself. He says succinctly, “It’s never boring.”

Moore has spent 28 years in healthcare administration, navigating what he calls, “The not-so-pleasant side of the industry. He describes himself as a “lifelong fan” of the Oakland Raiders and Oakland Athletics professional sports teams, and coaches youth sports teams for soccer and baseball. Moore calls San Francisco his hometown.