WebPT, a provider of web-based electronic medical records (EMR) solutions for rehab therapists has teamed with SOLS, a 3D printing and custom mass-manufacturing company, to form a partnership that will bring 3D printed foot orthotics to WebPT’s member base, which the company reports includes more than 43,000 rehab therapy professionals. WebPT members can access SOLS’ technology at a discounted, according to a statement from WebPT, that enables them to create custom orthotics based on patients’ electronic foot scans.

Heidi Jannenga, WebPT cofounder and COO, says she is pleased with WebPT’s newly formed partnership, particularly since she anticipates it will allow her an opportunity to collaborate with another female tech leader.

“SOLS is revolutionizing the foot orthotics industry, and WebPT prides itself in developing technology that has the potential to disrupt the status quo in health care,” Jannenga said. “That’s why I’m excited to help introduce this innovative company to the physical therapy industry. I’m also personally proud to work with another trailblazing woman executive.”

In a media release from WebPT, Kegan Schouwenburg, SOLS founder and CEO, shares Jannenga’s sentiment, noting, “WebPT and SOLS are paving the way and giving rehab professionals nationwide the exciting opportunity to integrate orthotics into their core practices. We believe this partnership allows rehab professionals to expand their treatment capabilities to a more holistic approach. This is an important step toward enabling people everywhere to gain access to quality custom orthotics that allow them to live a pain-free life.”

WebPT’s electronic medical record (EMR) includes an e-commerce platform within its application. The Marketplace offers what WebPT describes as “a wide selection of physical therapy products,” and aims to provides shoppers with a fast and secure checkout process with its PCl/DSS compliant interface.

According to a statement from WebPT, thysical therapists in the SOLS network receive an iPad with a built-in app that gives them the power to capture thousands of data points with six images. This allows physical therapists to order SOLS orthotics that are customized to each patient’s foot morphology and lifestyle. According to the statement, SOLS then creates 3D prints of the orthotics and ships them directly to the provider’s office within 7 days.

The orthotics are engineered to fit into several different types of shoes, ranging from dress shoes to sneakers.