A total of 1,123 job seekers registered for GettingHired Inc’s inaugural virtual career fair, an event designed to connect job seekers with disabilities to organizations seeking to diversify their workforce.

The April 23 virtual career fair provided job seekers the opportunity to connect with 18 of GettingHired’s employer partners, 12 of which included Fortune 500 ranked companies from a variety of industries such as CA Technologies, DuPont, Thermo Fischer Scientific, The National Bank & Trust Co (NB&T), and Occupations Inc.

In a recent news release, Michael McSally, president, GettingHired Inc, designates virtual career fairs as an “exciting new way” for employers to connect with qualified candidates.

“Technology makes the forum accessible to a variety of job seekers. GettingHired’s employer partners have access to an exclusive venue to connect them with talented individuals with disabilities,” McSally states.

GettingHired notes that 483 conversations took place between job seekers and company recruiters during the 3-hour event. As a result, 139 job seekers dropped off notes to participating companies indicating their interest in open positions. Following the event, all of the resumes and applicants that signed up were then provided to company recruiters for proactive sourcing and follow-ups with job seekers.

Feedback from certain participating companies was positive, indicating that several job seekers were pinpointed as potential candidates for open positions, and follow-up conversations are currently under way, GettingHired says.

The origins of the fair, McSally explains, stem from outreach and surveys to both job seekers and employers. Through this strategy, McSally says, “We identified an accessible way to directly connect job seekers with disabilities to our employer partners in a virtual venue, allowing companies from around the country to join. This format provides a forum for our job seekers that they can’t always find at a standard job fair—a safe environment where they can gather information, ask questions, and determine if the participating companies were a right fit for them.”

According to the release, GettingHired is set to host another virtual career fair on October 1, 2014, marking the start of National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM).

GettingHired Inc, a subsidiary of Allegis Group, is an online service organization that aims to create employment opportunities for veterans and individuals with disabilities.

[Source: GettingHired Inc]