The Kneehab® XP Quadriceps Therapy System, from Neurotech, Minneapolis, significantly impacts patient recovery and strengthens quadricep muscles, improving knee stability after surgery, according to a study published in The American Journal of Sports Medicine.

The neurostimulation system is a conductive garment equipped wth a hand-held controller that delivers stimulation to the quadriceps area of the thigh.

The FDA-cleared Kneehab XP is used for muscle re-education of the quadriceps, maintaining or increasing range of motion of the knee joint, preventing or retarding disuse atrophy in the quadriceps, improving post-surgical knee stability secondary to quadriceps strengthening, and increasing local blood circulation.

The device has shown to be an effective adjunct therapy for patients with atrophy of the quadriceps muscles as a result of sports injuries of the ACL, lateral collateral ligament (LCL), medial collateral ligament (MCL), or posterior cruciate ligament (PCL). It’s also effective for degenerative conditions including osteoarthritis; knee joint conditions including patella femoral pain syndrome (PFPS); and for strengthening the quadriceps pre and post surgery for ligament repair and knee replacement.

The Kneehab XP incorporates Multipath™, a patented stimulation technology developed by Neurotech that stimulates the muscle recruitment sequence to maximize fiber contractions. Multipath is supported by the stimulation being applied to broad sections of the quadriceps region: more stimulation is applied over a wider area than standard electrotherapy resulting in better muscle recruitment and faster rehabilitation.

[Source: Businesswire]