Jupiter Medical Center’s Ryan Simovitch, MD, board certified and fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon, recently used a rotator cuff sparing approach to perform a rare total should replacement, the facility reports. According to a Jupiter Medical news release, the surgery is one of the first successful total should replacements with a rotator cuff sparing technique in South Florida. The release adds that surgeons at the Hospital for Joint Disease, New York, NY, in collaboration with the Gainesville, Fla-based company Exactech, developed the equipment necessary for the rotator cuff sparing approach.

Jupiter Medical Center, Jupiter, Fla, reports that it is proud to offer the procedure to its patients. “While it is a more difficult procedure, the rotator cuff sparing technique allows us to use modified instruments and techniques to leave the rotator cuff intact and utilize a small window between the rotator cuff tendons. This eliminates the need for a sling beyond a few days and can significantly shorten the necessary time for rehab and nullify the risk of subscapularis non-healing or dysfunction,” Simovitch explains.

The not-for-profit community medical center cautions in the release that the rotator cuff sparing technique is not for everyone as a result of limitations of the current instrumentation. The technique is more easily performed in leaner patients and patients without large musculature. The technique also proves more beneficial in patients without severe bony changes and with an appropriate bone structure. Simovitch adds that as he and the Exactech design surgeons gain more experience in the technology, they hope to further facilitate the technique and apply it to a larger percentage of total shoulder anthroplasty candidates.

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Source: Jupiter Medical Center