Health Dialog announced that it has launched its Medicare Star Support Program to help Medicare Advantage plans boost their Health Plan Quality and Performance (“Star”) Ratings.

Star ratings are calculated by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and can range from 1 to 5, with 5 representing the highest quality. Beginning in 2012, Medicare Advantage plans will start to see significant cuts in reimbursement as healthcare reform legislation goes into effect. However, beginning in 2012 plans with qualifying star ratings (4 or 5 stars) will be able to offset these cuts with quality bonuses. 2010 activities will determine 2013 star ratings, so plans must act now.

Health Dialog’s Star Support Program makes use technology and direct outreach to seniors to help plans close clinical gaps and improve their scores.

We applaud CMS’s efforts to shine a light on quality by leveraging star ratings to reward high performers,” said Molly Doyle, Vice President, Senior Programs at Health Dialog. “One of the most significant aspects of health reform is the impact it will have on Medicare Advantage plans and we want to help our clients improve the quality of care provided to members now, so they can be recognized for their superior performance and reimbursed accordingly in 2013.”

Star ratings are calculated based on 33 different metrics, 19 of which Health Dialog’s Medicare Star Support Program directly addresses. Currently, only 15% of 11.1 million Medicare Advantage members live in counties where 4 or 5 star plans are offered. With Health Dialog’s Star Support Program, plans can boost their ratings and better serve members across the country.

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(Source: Press Release)